Here in Oviedo's Iron Work, we have only 2 great missions;

 a.-That our customer has the better experience possible, and even then we want to make sure to run that extra mile for them. 

b.-An smile from our customers when they see their home's beauty enhance with our products. 

Meet our Employees

Selvin Oviedo


Mr. Selvin Oviedo is an artist, and the heart of Oviedo's Iron Works, loves and enjoys designing and giving that special touch to all and each project. Which explains why we are different. and why none of our pieces is never the same.

Xenia Irias


Ms. Xenia, she is one of our Vendors, she will nail on your needs, and she will make sure that your project will be made according your specifications, and instructions. she is detail oriented and hard worker, sweet and always have an smile in her face.



Mr. Fernando is a full energy, he will invade the space with good vibe.

 Starts your project and will give that perfection touch that it will give the piece that sense of belonging 



Mr. Daniel he is a junior in our fabrication department, and his fresh ideas give the modernity to our projects. He won't stop until he is done and by done we mean that he will make sure that  our customers are satisfied with the pieces. 

our work

Here you can see, some of our recent projects, and you may see there is no limits, so stop dreaming and fantasizing with that fancy designs  and let us build and customize it for you. 

Give yourself a treat and explore the elegance of the wrought iron.


We fabricate them, many styles where to choose from, or why not design your own. your idea.

itr can be double door, slide, swing and or automatic. your choice has no limits.

iron, iron/wood, or wood only we can handle it!

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This are one of the designs available, if its a balcony, window frame, handrail you are free to get inspired or we can make it match with your current style. 

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What's best than go outside and enjoy the view, on a second floor. The Balcony offers that inviting look and security from the inside; and enhances the beauty of your home

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From spindles to modern innovation for stairs we fabricate them all. Made of Iron with flat bars or round bars no restrictions and all following our city regulations 

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We need to enclose our perimeter and why not give it a thought and go the whole 7 yards with it. iron or wood, 4 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet tall whatever is your need we accommodate your favorite design to it.

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